Wrong Wrong Magazine

We were comissioned by Wrong Wrong to art direct, design and develop their online magazine. The magazine was launched in 2015 and it’s edited by “Terceiro Direito”, a non-profit cultural association which operates as a creative platform for research and diffusion in contemporary arts, coordinated by Sandra Vieira Jürgens.

Web design & development
Year: 2014 – current
Website: www.wrongwrong.net

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The magazine is published bimonthly and each issue has its own theme. For each them, several authors are invited to write or produce exclusive audio-visual content, such as small essays, poetry, short videos, collage or sound design. One "author in residence" will develop and publish work regularly during this 2 month period.

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Considering the specificity of the website, we decided to design and develop a website that could communicate the theme of each issue by changing the overall look and feel dependently on the issue the user is scrolling by. To keep the structure consistent, the layout remains untransformed, to allow users for an easier recognition and ease of use. This was achieved by our custom CMS that allows for total control of the way the articles are shown on the platform.

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To explore the ideias of error and mistake, we designed a series of business cards printed from a single, continous, offset sheet. The sheet would later be cropped into unique individual cards. 

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